Apex, Visualforce, JavaScript, jQuery, SOQL,, HTML5, CSS, Salesforce API, Web API (Rest, Soap), Live Agent, Email-To-Case, used Agile methodology and Continuous integration (git, Jenkins, ANT migration tool). 

* Make it possible to use an existed documents and logic on external sites.
* Provide the ability to work with clients from the first contact to deals closing using Customer Community.
* Create ability to manage related records and export the result to excel files.
* Create custom Opportunity Split logic.
* Create a custom module for support flow using Business hours calculation.
* Configure case and queue management.
* Configure the Live Agent and Email-to-Case functionality.
* Create a module for downloading Hortonworks software for customers.  

*  Set up integration with, WordPress Site.
*  Create custom login flows for auto and self-registration.
*  Create custom VisualForce pages and Apex classes to cover customer’s needs.
*  Improve process for closing and working on opportunities – new fields, pages, page sections and buttons.
*  Creating deal registrations process through the Community that follows by the custom approval processes and custom logic for further working on deals.
*  Created custom page to represent different types of data in one page for specific type of users. 

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