Who are we

Nanobot - IT is a Software and Technology Services company, providing traditional Cloud-based CRM implementation services and Mobile applications. Customers trust Nanobot - IT with Infrastructure services utilizing qualified and experienced staff in Salesforce business analyst, Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, Salesforce project manager, Salesforce QA, Data Science, Data Management, Database Services, Quality Assurance, and traditional development.
Our focus is on salesforce.com consulting and development services within numerous domains such as healthcare, life sciences, insurance, finance, and media.

Experience in Salesforce projects with:


Our consultants can give an outside, expert opinion regarding a business decision. We help organizations improve their performance.

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Salesforce DX methodology


We are experts in Apex, Lightning VisualForce, etc. Our developers have great knowledge of Salesforce coding limitations and best practices.

  • Administration
  • Application
  • Implementation & Support


All your systems,
working together with
It saves you time
and money.

  • Web-Services, SOAP, REST, FTP
  • File integration
  • Data migration, data mapping


Boost Productivity. Our Salesforce support engineers can quickly help with all functional questions while your employees won't stop making money.

  • L1
  • L2
  • L3



Nanobot-IT has helped many Pharmaceutical and Medical Device customers increase sales and service revenues, cross and up selling of other products and services.


Nanobot-IT helps financial companies to increase sales and decreased the costs, leverage and improve existing sales assets, optimize .


Nanobot-IT provides you with the marketing tools to make your entire social, mobile, offline and online data actionable at any moment—without having to depend on IT resources every time you need to access data.

High Tech

Ensure that your business is operating efficiently with the latest software advances. Bridge the gap with changing staffing needs and requirements of specialized skills.


Facilitate efficient data for transfers for Salesforce.com and other CRMs with the ability to process large volumes of data and perform analytics, for a tech company that develops SaaS business applications.


Nanobot-IT uses CLM approach to help insurance agents sell premium services, engaging  customers using all the capabilities of customized interactive presentations with instant feedback capturing.


Salesforce business analysis

Salesforce project managment

Salesforce Implementations

Salesforce administration

Salesforce development

Salesforce QA

Why Nanobot - IT

Business Goals Delivery

We not only help you set up your business in the local market and take care of all operations, we also fuel your business growth.


We connect engineering talents to corporations. If you are searching for a engineering team in Ukraine, Nanobot - IT ensures that you have access to the best talents in this competitive market.


We take care of all operations and create a perfect work environment so you can focus on product delivery and customer satisfaction.


Our technical experience and business network allows us to build a large community where we all team up to help each other succeed.

How we work

First consultation

At the first consultation, we discuss the tasks, ideas, projects. We fix priority directions and discuss implementation paths.

Project planning

Putting together a team with just the right skills and resources to match your needs. Preparing knowledge transfer and team integration

Team Integration

Transferring knowledge while building trust and culture. Close cooperation between team members, client representatives, and the Livatek Client Service Manager

Operations and Optimization

Continuous improvement in productivity and quality of work facilitated by the Livatek Client Service Manager


Our Methodology

Case studies


experience in projects SINCE 2012

Become the driving force of innovation. Grab your chance to build the technology of tomorrow with Nanobot - IT. 

We invest in every opportunity possible for the development
of our employees. Nanobot - IT strives to build a team of skilled professionals
with diverse background enjoying their job and the company environment.

We’re a friendly bunch, flexible and great to work with.
We place high value on building trust,
respect and long relationship with our colleagues.


We're a group of ambitious workaholics, but apart from that, pretty simple people.

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Contact Info

04112, 9a st. Pritissko Nickoska 9a,
Kyiv Ukraine 
11723, Stoney Peak Dr Suite 58, San Diego, CA 92128, USA
+1 858 207 87 81
+38 093 0122 339